Finding The Perfect Hair - Remy or completely Virgin Hair

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Do you definitivelyunderstandwhat REMY hair in realitymeans?The search phrase?remy? is constantlyconvertedinto a different meaning than what it in factmeans. It is oftenused in internet marketingand selling purposes that oftenmisleads the buyerinto believingthey'regettingthe bestqualityof tresses.The 3 qualitys of hair most sought afterare European, Indian, and Chinese. They arethe grades of hair. REMY just should tell youthe direction of the cuticle of the tresses. Let?s look closer.Remy is hair collectedand sortedfrom differentdonorswith the rootand tip pointingin the same direction to make certainthe cuticle does not tangle or matte.The cuticles are not stripped and remain alignedin one direction.I like to think ofit as shingles on a roof, each of themhave to go the samedirection.

Remy hair is higher pricedand looks morenatural because of thetediousprocedurethat the hair goes through to notdamagethe cuticle. Oftenvirgin hair or hair that has been minimally procedureed to safeguardthe integrityof the hair hascuticle in tact. REMY curly hairis really asmoother, shinier, and healthier appearancethan NON-REMY. This hair feels fantasticeven after many differenttimes being washed. The majority ofour buyerscan get a yearor two of wear with REMY hair still looking amazing. The expenseis greatbut really worthit.

Do you wonder why non-remy hair is less expensivethen remy tresses?Non-remy is hair that does not have it?s roots aligned (Roots and tips not pointingin the same direction). Due to the factthe cuticle runs in both directions it requires an increasedconcentration of acid. Eventuallyresulting in lockswith very low mowill beture, leading to dry straw-like hair.With NON-REMY the hair cuticles are stripped usually from over processing and the hair is thrown together which causes tangling. To mask this some manufactures use heavy silicone to make thehair appear shiny and healthy, but beware as soon as you wash it the silicone comes off and the locksmattes into a huge mess. Some shops will go so far as to guarantee the hair UNTIL you wash it.Remember, yes the investment is much lower however you will struggle with this hair after you wash it the 1st time. The hair will matte and show upancedull once thecoating has worn off.So what side are you on? REMY or NON-REMYVisit one ofour locations in Fresno and San Diemovetoday and ask our hairaddition experts about theREMY hair extensions, the only hairwe carry! See chart below, this will give you an notion ofhow long your hair should last. Finding The Perfect Hair - Remy or completely Virgin Hair

When purchasing human hair extensions, there are a lot of things you need to consider. 100% human curly hairis much better than synthetic hair, and you alsowant to ensure your hair lasts long and gives you a natural look, so human lockswill bea greatchoice. There are varioushuman hair types you can purchase, today I will talk about the different between 100% human hair and remy hair. Content ?What is 100% Human Hair ?What will beRemy human hair ?What is theDifference Between 100% Human Hair And Remy Hair 100% Human beingHair 1.100% human hair is really human hair, there are no mix of animal or chemical hair, but do not promise the tops and ends of locksstrands areinthe right direction. Human hair contains remy hair and non-remy hair, so remy hair is goodhuman hair. Non-remy hair is usually collected from hair brushes and hair that has fallen on the floor, the hair ends and hair top in differentdirections, therefore the hair products are easier to be tangled. But of course, the price of Non-remy hair can bemuch cheaper. What Is Remy Hair Let?s talkabout remy hair. Remy locksis considered to be the high quality of human hair, remy hair is collected in a wayin which all hair strands stay aligned in the natural direction as it grew so the hairends and roots arerunning in the same direction. The hair cuticles are removed and the hair smooth to touch. You will alsoget that natural look as thehair is going the direction it is supposed to (unlike other bundles or weaves). Finally, remy curly hairtendsto last longer because its higherer quality, unlike non-remy weaves wherethe hair has been cut and can be in different directions. Once thehair is not in the right direction, brushing causes more friction and the hair doesn't last so long asa result. Remy hair will beusually being used to produce high-qualitycurly hairextensions, hair wigs. Remy curly hairextensions are the most popular human hair extensions on the market due to the quality and price. But at Beauty Forever, we only use 100% virgin hair for makinghair extensions. What Will beThe Difference Between Remy and Human Hair ? Virgin Hair and Remy curly hair: Both are usually100% natural human hair. Remy hair isn'tnecessarily virgin hair, since it may becolored or permed. Its defining features are an intact cuticle and the mannerin which it was harvested. Virgin tresseshas never beenchemically processed, the donor of virgin hair doesn't use any chemical products. So although all Remy locksis Virgin hair, not allVirgin curly hairisRemy hair.

Many women enjoy the low maintenance aspect of wearing remy hair extensions, and while taking care of them could beeasy, there are some basics you should follow. It?s crucial that you wash your extensions at least once a week to keepthem free of odors, pollution and styling residue.

Brush and detangle your remy hair extensions prior to washing, and avoid brushing your curly hairpieces while wet. The hair follicles are most delicate when they are usuallywet, allowing your hair to air dry ahead ofbrushings will increase the lifespan of your natural remy hair extensions. After washing, put in acouple drops of pure coconut or almond oil evening through the hair whilstwet. This will help to keepyour remy extensions moisturized and shiny.

Remy extensions are human hair, so they can withstand any product that you would put onyour own hair. To extend their usability, it?s better to opt for gentle products that are free fromalcohol. Natural curly hairobtains lubrication from the scalp, but remy hair extensions need to obtain them from an alternativesource. Opt for products that condition and add moisture. When choosing a shampoo, be sure youcheck the labels to make sure thatit?s sulfate free.

Remy hair extensions are natural hair, so you canstyle them in the same way you would your regular hair. That means that using aflat iron, hair dryer or curler is acceptable, but you shouldlimit the use ofheat in order to extend the life of your extensions. When youdo choose to designyour curly hair, opt for the lowest heat settings and in additionbe sure toyou a heat protecting cream or spray prior tostyling.

Natural remy hair extensions come ina number ofcolors, while some may fit your style perfectly, you maychoose to upgrade your hair with a custom color. Remy extensions are natural hair and maybe dyed just like your own crown. However, its becomest to visit a professional tressessalon in order to avoidaccidental damage or over processing. Consider preforming a strand test on your extensions prior to investing ina full dye-job.

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Remy hair extensions can be worn and styled just as thoughthey were your own natural hair. That being said, you should take extra care when youhit the pool and beach this summer. While you're able to wear your remy hair extensions in the swimming poolor the ocean, but remember thatthe chlorine that isin pool water and the salt that isin ocean wateris damaging. If however yoube wearing natural hair clip-ins, consider removing your very ownhairextensions before you getin the water. .
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